1st Term

APR. Entrance Ceremony

MAY. Spring Trip

JUN. Father’s Day

JUL. Star Festival (TANABATA) 1st Term Closing Ceremony

TANABATA-The traditional Japanese Star Festival

Tanabata, The Star Festival, is an explosion of colour, music, dance and joy.

The children dressed in beautiful yukatas look like little butterflies and stars. Don’t miss this chance to make a wish, write

it on paper and hang it on a bamboo tree, because on this special day all wishes will be granted.


AUG. Summer school, Graduates’ Reunion,


2nd Term

SEP. Re-opening Ceremony , Andersen Fair.

OCT. Sports Festival, “Imohori”,

NOV. Autumn Trip.”Mochitsuki”

DEC. Christmas Ceremony, 2nd Term Closing Ceremony.


ANDERSEN FAIR is a festival during which children can play games, dance, and do shopping. 

MOCHITSUKI is the traditional ceremony of making rice cookies, a traditional food for the New Year.


3rd Term

JAN. Re-opening Ceremony.

FEB. “Setsubun”, Mother’s Day, Trip for Senior classes.

MAR. “Hinamatsuri”, Farewell Party, Year End Ceremony.


HINAMATSURI is the Girls’ Day, or Doll Festival. The children make paper dolls (Odairi-sama and Ohina-sama)